NEON ZINN by Seth Damm
NEON ZINN is the exciting new line of rope jewelry from artist and designer Seth Damm. Each unique piece is made from hand-dyed, 100% cotton rope. Seth transforms this basic material into exquisite works of sculptural jewelry, each one dynamic enough to be worn on the neck as well as on the wall. NEON ZINN brings a fresh layer of expressiveness and experimentation to the world of jewelry and wearable art.

NEON ZINN is now available at {far4},1020 First Avenue, in Seattle and at the American Design Club online store.

NEON ZINN can be found at the Foundation Gallery, SOPO, and Blue Dream Vintage in New Orleans. Factory Girl and TENOVERSIX in Dallas, Texas both carry a curated selection as well as Freda in Marfa, Texas.

Four NEON ZINN necklaces are now on display in Italy. Find NEON ZINN on the latest It's LIQUID platform.

The NEON ZINN "MB" necklace is being featured in the spring/summer 2014 "Inspirations" publication of the French shoe company Arche.